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[**Latest**] Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages Status

Happy New Year  2016 SMS Messages Status

Hello  good to see you on our site .we wish you a happy new year 2017 SMS and Messages from our team members.

Happy New year SMS 2016

Happy New Year Sms : Happy New Year 2016 SMS and Happy New Year 2016 messages are given here. Happy New Year SMS, Happy New Year Messages, Happy New Year Wishes, Happy New Year Status given below. New Year is also Known as Festival of Lights. Happy New Year 2016 will be celebrated in India on Friday,  Jan 1st, 2016. Happy New Year 2016 Status is celebrated in South India as Happy New Year . On this Festival People Light their Houses with colorful Lamps.happy new year sms hindi 140 character. You Might Search for Happy New Year Messages in English and Wishes to wish your friends and family members . So we have collected Happy New Year 2016 Messages in Hindi and enjoy a lot.

Happy New Year SMS 2016 Messages in Hindi – English Impress your friends this new year 2016 with latest collection of Happy New Year 2016 Hindi English Messages. There are many people who want to wish their close ones in hindi so for all those people we are providing the awesome and superb collection of Happy New Year 2016 SMS in Hindi.There is a saying that “happy new year sms text messages” and just because of this we all keep trying our best for impress our senior and boss in offices and company.Now send happy new year sms english and  happy new year sms in hindi 

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Happy New Year 2016 Whatsapp Status :

Wishes always come by heart that once referred to the people that happens great in their life as it is considered.  Latest Happy New Year 2016 SMS  for Friends are special and this day when you wish to the elders, older and anyone so, same response you will get back from the persons whom you wish on this special occasion. There are many ways to express your  New Year 2016 Messages even, some people wish through cards while some persons wish by messages via mobiles.
Some would like to wish just by saying and some would wish by making calls. So, each person has its own style to wish their families and others with various types written or verbally communication they wish. Wishes bring confidence and increase the strength to fight in worst situation also. So, continue your wishes in this New Year 2016 to make others and yourself happy forever.

Happy New year Messages 2016

May God gives you strength and courage to face challenges in LIFE in this year and in every year throughout LIFE. As what ever comes to us is because of our past LIFE which in turn we CANNOT CHANGE but can ask GOD to help US but what we will get in next LIFE is based on what we are DOING NOW and is UNDER OUR CONTROL so always DO GOOD TO OTHERS and BE HONEST.

Hope in this year you get best of best things,surprises but remember one most important thing that DO NOT FORGET GOD anytime as because of HIM, you are NOT FORGOTTEN by anybody.

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Happy New Year Messages in English,Hindi

Dear God. The best thing i can get on this New Year is You and only You. I do not want anything other than that. Please accept my wish.

Never hope for a second chance always hope for a new life. Never hope for a new one always love your old wife. Happy New Year.

New Year with New girlfriend, New Year With New Job, New Year With New Hope. But Always Celebrate New Year with Old Friends. Happy New Year's Day.

You may get lots of success, You may engaged with any hollywood actress, You may get new dress, And live you life without any stress. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year 2016 Quotes, Messages,Status

On new year,
I required to send you wishes for a year stacked with prospering,
wellbeing and heaps of fun! Trust you have a happy new year! happy New Year wishes quotes
May you be regarded with bliss and thriving to last as the year advanced. Happy New Year! happy New Year wishes sms
May you be respected with joy
& flourishing to last through
the year. Happy new year.. New Year wishes messages

May God shower his
choicest enrichments on you.
Wishing you happiness, extraordinary
wellbeing & a phenomenal year ahead…
Happy New Year… happy New Year wishes in english
May the divine light of New Year spread into your
Life peace, prosperity, pleasure & good health. best wishes New Year

Aapke life mein Mithaas ho “Cadbury” Jaisy
Rounak ho “Asian Paints” Jaise
Mehak ho “Axe” jaise
Tazgi ho “Colgate” Jaisy
Aur tension-free rahe“Huggies” Jaisy
“Happy New Year” New Year wishes messages
Best New Year Messages Wishes Quotes Pictures for whatsapp, facebook

Happy New year SMS 2016

I wish that the only time there is darkness
around you is when you are watching your
favorite movie or sleeping peacefully!
Happy new year! New Year quotes in marathi
As you celebrate the festival of light, May your life be colorful and bright. May friends and family be with you, May joy fill your life through and through. best New Year messages
Sending you smiles for each
scrap of your remarkable day,
Have an amazing time & Happy new year. New Year wishes images

Happy New year Status 2016

Happy New Year Status 2016

Friends bring lots of happiness throughout the year, Especially a Friend like you, Happy New Year My Dear Friend.

Hi Guys dis year will be going to end, i wil say thanks for all of my friends to share my happiness in this year and especially my sweet heart. I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR and this year brings happiness For u all.

This New Year, here is wishing you reach out to distant horizons to achieve new heights.

As we are celebrating New Year
I am having enjoyment to wish you
Happy and wealthy New Year. happy New Year quotes wishes english
May thousands of lamps light up your life
with endless happiness, wealth, health &
wealth evermore wishing you and your family a very New Year happy New Year wishes 2016
This New Year, may you be blessed with good luck as long as Ganesh trunk,
wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach,
contentment as sweet as his ladoos and
may your trouble be as small as his mouse. New Year wishes images
Sun glows for a day,
Candle for an hour,
Matchstick for a miniature,
A wish can blaze days forever,
So here is my wish for glowing New Year, glowing life!! New Year 2016 wishes
Friends are awesome, friends are great;
Good times or bad, they’re always as the crow flies;
Every sphere of our lives they pervade;
They’re God’s gift, our life they lift up;
They share everything, important or even innate;
Here’s New Year wish, no one can replicate! New Year 2016 messages, Quotes

Happy New Year SMS 2016

This New Year, resolve to make the world a better place to live in by standing up to your rights.

Wish that this New Year causes you no tear, but only loads of happy cheer.

May this New Year bring many opportunities your way, To explore every joy of life & turning all your dreams into reality & all your efforts into great achievements.
Wishing you a fabulous new year with full of great achievements and experiences. A meaningful chapter waiting to be written HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wish this New Year bring you loads of reasons for jubilant celebrations right from the beginning to the very end.

Happy New year Messages 2016

As the festival of lights end, I am wishing
you continuous achievement and
luck through the next year of your life. New Year wishes message in english
May this auspicious occasion of New Year bring happiness, prosperity, health, and peace in your life. funny New Year quotes.
A 1st Card  only for u 

*! .+””+.+””+. !*
*! + HAPPY + !*
*! “+ 2016 +” !*
*! “+” !*
*! NEW YEAR !*

/ /\ \
/__/””\__\dvance before 2 days

This is A Special Wish for YOU & YOUR FAMILY.

Happy New year 2016 Messages

\””\ /””/
\ \/\/ /
\__/\_/ISH YOU
& Ur Family

–/ l__l Delivery
| | ________
This van is loaded with
Wishing You and your family.
Happy New Year 2016.

Happy New year 2016 Messages


[H][A][P][P][Y] [Ņ][Ë][Ŵ] [Ÿ][Ë][Ä][Ŗ] [2][0][1][6]
๑۩ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞๑

We have to find compassion and embrace

the darkness inside us in order to
understand it and ultimately, to transcend it.
 Happy New Year 2016 SMS

The way people in democracies think of the
government as something different from
themselves is a real handicap. And, of course,
sometimes the government confirms their opinion.
 Happy New Year 2016 SMS

When the car in front of me is driving slow,

I move to the side a bit so the cars behind
me can see I’m not causing the traffic.
 Happy New Year 2016 SMS

Strategy Without Tactics Is The
Slowest Route To Victory. Tactics
Without Strategy Is The Noise Before Defeat.

Wish you Happy New Year 2016 Wishes

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Happy New Year 2016 Messages

  • “A new year brings not only happiness, it makes us happy with a hope to fulfill our dreamz or a new beginning of our life. So, a new year is very special to everyone.” Wish you Happy New Year Status 2016
  • “Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” – Helen Keller
  • “Each age has deemed the new-born year the fittest time for festal cheer.” – Wish you Happy New Year Messages 2016
  • “New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday.” – Wish you Happy New Year SMS 2016
  • “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. Wish you Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Single Liner Messages

  • “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” Wish you Happy New Year 2016
  • “A happy New Year! Grant that I May bring no tear to any eye When this New Year in time shall end Let it be said I’ve played the friend, Have lived and loved and labored here, And made of it a happy year.” Wish you Happy New Year 2016
  • “May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early. My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall.” Wish you Happy New Year SMS
  • “To have the kind of year you want to have, something has to happen that you can not explain why it happened. Something has to happen that you can not coach.” Happy New Year SMS

{@Happy}New Year 2016  Status

  • “For eleven months and maybe about twenty days each year, we concentrate upon the shortcomings of others, but for a few days at the turn of New Year we look at our own. It is a good habit.” Happy New Year SMS
  • “May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early, My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall ”― Happy New Year SMS
  • Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can." I wish you Happy New Year and diary full of best stories ever written in your life.Happy New Year Message

    Happy New Year Messages in Hindi

  • Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you've met your New Year's resolution.Happy New Year Messages
  • Happiness is too many things these days for anyone to wish it on anyone lightly. So let's just wish each other a bile-less New Year and leave it at that. Happy New Year Messages
  • Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment.Wish you Happy New Year 2016 dear.
Happy New year 2016 SMS

Hope you enjoyed this article.So let's wish your closed ones a great new year 2016.Have a blast in this new year.

Happy New Year Messages In English - New Year is specially know for lights. Send New Year Messages or Happy New Year 2016 Messages now. New Year is one of the famous event or festival which is celebrated by many Indian families by Performing Traditional Activities with their friends and family members. In this year, Happy New Year is celebrated on 1st Jan. Many of them celebrate Happy New Year by wishing to each other. Why not also send Happy New Year SMS to all your friends and relatives this time. We have collected the Happy New Year 2016 Messages which are really awesome and These New Year MSG has 140 words, so that you can also send those Happy New Year Messages through SMS also.


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